Cenotes of Cuzama Group Tour

Visiting these underwater sinkholes are a sight to behold and swimming in them is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Take a trip back in time on this Progreso tour that takes you up close to the area's gorgeous natural attractions. While you explore this area, you'll come across some of nature's finest sights. Book your trip today for a Progreso tour like no other.

This Progreso sightseeing tour starts with a trip to the town of Chunkana which is approximately 1 hour from the cruise terminal. Once you arrive at Chunkana, you'll head over to some horse-drawn buggys that will take you to the first cenote (sinkhole); each buggy can hold four passengers. These underwater sinkholes are a sight to behold.

Aside from the various cenotes, you'll lay eyes on other natural formations like stalactites and stalagmites. Out of the three cenotes you'll visit, you have the chance to swim in two of them. You won't find a better tour of the area's natural wonders. Reserve your spot today and get ready to take lots of photos.

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